5 basic tips to help you choose and maintain curtains for your home


Curtains and blinds are one of the most popular home decor details, which perform not only a functional but also an aesthetic function.

Whether you choose day night blinds or herringbone curtains, it is always important to know how to take proper care of them in order to last as long as possible. So, in this article, we will discuss 5 basic tips to help you choose and maintain curtains for your home.

How to take care for curtains properly?

Some people point out that the layering of curtains depends on the style of the interior. ‘In the rooms with a modern interior and large windows. The most suitable choice is high-quality day curtains, followed by roller blinds that can be closed as needed.’

In a Scandinavian interior, a single layer of universal curtains is usually chosen Plants are placed next to the window or window sill, covering the view from the inside to the outside.

Meanwhile, in the classic interior, the traditional combination is day curtains that provide privacy during the day, night curtains and a decorative cover at the top of the window, hiding the cornice and the top of the curtains.

Recommendations of experts

It is also possible to combine Roman blinds and night curtains, leaving the day curtains only from the edges. In order to create the impression of lightness, says the specialist and adds. That if you want to completely darken the room, a light-impermeable lining is added – it is a thick fabric with a specific texture.

It cannot be sewn to natural fabrics, such as wool, in which case another layer may appear. A curtain of opaque fabric. The expert recommends sewing all-night curtains with lining. So they better retain their shape, the fabric falls nicer.
There are no strict rules for adjusting curtains

There are no strict rules on how to combine curtains because curtains are a design object, created individualy. So the curtain specialist helps to choose the most suitable combinations taking into account the customer’s needs and interior.

There are certain fabrics that are easily combined with each other, such as matte velvet and glossy satin, stiffer and light linen fabric. In all other cases, or for a more interesting result you need to place one fabric next to another to choose the most suitable combination.

According to a press release, curtains of the same fabric are now becoming more popular in all rooms. Thus maintaining the integrity and making curtains, not a decorative element but part of the architecture.

This is especially true in big cities, where housing is small. So a more cohesive style is acceptable. If the house is larger and there is a need to create separate themes in different spaces, then the curtains may be different.

Maximize the idea of ​​the interior and the architecture

The length of the curtains must be such as to maximize the idea of ​​the interior and the architecture of the room. ‘Curtains should cover the window. For example, if the room has floor-to-ceiling windows, then the curtains should be chosen to reach the ground.

There is an unwritten rule that the length of the curtains in the living room and bedroom reaches the floor. And in the kitchen, if the windows are small, above the countertop and with window sills. It is possible to hang shorter curtains.’

Also, ‘ The shorter length of the curtains is convenient in a child’s room if you want to build a desk by the window.’ advises the founder of the salon.

As for the length of the curtains, she points out that he is sometimes prompted by the fabric itself. For example, fabrics like silk, taffeta look great and fall 30cm lightly on the floor. And heavier fabrics like velvet, wool can be 2cm on the floor. For daytime curtains, the expert recommends choosing a length. That only reaches the floor or is 1 cm higher than it.

The most fashionable colors

The spring/summer fabric and wallpaper collections are dominated by tropical birds, ethnic graphics, exotic plants, palm leaves, and other plant patterns.

The increasing use of digital printing provides opportunities to convey floral motifs in a very pictorial way. Also a lot of marble, space motifs, ombre effect. In the field of luxurious elegance, Art Deco style has been revived.

The color palette does not lag behind the fashion catwalks either. Popular pastel, muted colors are baby blue, green, gray and this year’s color is ultraviolet. A new color that penetrates rapidly into interiors is called pink terracotta.

Trends in wallpaper and fabrics

Trends in wallpaper and fabrics – the same, although at the moment the fashion for identical fabrics and wallpaper patterns is gradually receding. The patterns are related but not identical. Another detail may be repeated. This makes interiors more interesting by combining different patterns and textures.

When combining curtains and wallpaper. It should be remembered that if you choose wallpaper as the main accent, then the curtains may be less eye-catching and vice versa.

It is also suitable for walls and curtains to use a pattern on the same theme. Another golden rule to follow and make no mistake is to combine a striped or finely dotted pattern with the flowers.

Do not be afraid of colors- just can’t get upset when looking into the blue sky. And when combining curtains and wallpaper it is worth relying on the feeling of writing and the advice of a specialist.

The curtain specialist, the designer is familiar with the latest collections, knows the properties of fabrics. Will give the best advice according to the client’s budget and style preferences.

Curtains are an important part of home style, providing not only function but also a lot of beauty. They tell the history of the style of the home of the owners. So you should not be afraid of bolder solutions, original patterns, or combinations.This will give the house the desired identity.

In conclusion

In this article, we advised how to correctly lay curtains, choose the ideal length, combine them with wallpaper and distinguish the hottest trends of this season.

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