4 Top Features That Guarantee the Success & Growth in the Travel Industry

4 Top Features That Guarantee the Success & Growth in the Travel Industry


The travel business is growing by leaps and bounds in terms of growth & success. People are more interested nowadays in traveling to explore the hidden location of the world. Its expansion is clear because the global travel & tourism sector grew at a rate of 5% in 2018.

Today, smartphone users spend plenty of time researching and planning their next holidays, work, and similar travel destinations on their smartphones. Therefore, travel apps playing a vital role in their search process.

The travel business recorded a good revenue and end up creating plenty of jobs because of this success. The growth of the travel business provided an opportunity for Travel Software Development Company to develop a mobile app with amazing features to draw more tourists.

The credit for the growth and success of this industry goes to advance software and the latest designed features. Today our software engineers can design any kind of software which may boost more travel business in coming days. 

Mobile app development is a bright sector that has sparked the interest of many aspiring developers to enter a new growing field. Today there is tremendous demand for an experienced mobile app developer because they are experts in making custom travel app development.

We strongly recommend you to have a look at these 4 must-have features, which will help you make the best mobile travel apps popular among travelers.

4 Essential Features for Travel Mobile App Development

Geo-Tracking Services

Integrating GPS-based location tracking service is an important feature of travel app development. Geo-tracking services can identify the current location of users and quickly produce the nearest results. By including this feature you can provide all kinds of services to the tourist can avail on a trip.

It will help travelers to track their exact location and find viable places. They can seek about the new tourist places without depending on local guide or tour services that would be the great help for them. 

Google offers “Google Maps” for Android and iOS to integrate this feature. It allows you to add the map to your travel app along with the navigation and routing options. When you ignore its integration, the chances of failure are high.

User’s account with Social Media Sign up/Sharing

A travel app is a personal tool for every user, so a personal account is mandatory for any kind of travel app development. You can also store important information about your customers during the registration. This information will help you understand their behavior and you may find out some plan or features to keep them.

Adding the social media feature will not only pace their sign-up time but will also give you access to their social profiles. This feature will help to get a personalized deal for each customer. 

Today most people have their social media account, and most travelers share their personnel experience on their personnel social media pages. This sharing process of user work is free promotion of your travel app.

Booking Services

Another feature to include in your travel app is a booking service. This will help to get a booking for hotels, and inter-city tourism destinations. You will announce an attractive deal for them to engage themselves. 

Offer best deals on tickets and accommodations. Integration of this feature in your travel app user can directly book tickets, hotels, and tours. In this manner, your app’s popularity will increase and demand will soar. 

You may add the inbuilt feature in your app like offering transport to/from the hotel, a loyalty program, and virtual check-ins.

Ratings & Reviews

Rating & reviews play a vital role, and most companies are adding this feature in their travel app to get users’ real-time experience. A proper review may enhance the demand for your app among users. 

This feature helps in creating awareness among users to improve better services of hotels, cafes, and other businesses.

People observe the review system in another app in their planning process while traveling to any destination.

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