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3 Best Core i3 Lenovo Desktop Pcs to Buy in UK


If you don’t require too much power and need a computer for your everyday computing, then Core i3 processors are your best options. These are cheap and affordable processors for all your daily tasks. The Core i3 desktop computers have hyper-threading technology, to give you perfect performance every single time. Now if you guys are thinking which Core i3 desktop PC would be good for you, then think no more. We are going to review 3 best Core i3 desktop PCs by Lenovo. So, let us just dive right in.

Lenovo V530:

First up on the list is Lenovo V530. This Core i3 desktop PC is powered by 3.60 GHz processor, which provides great power and performance for all your computing needs. This Lenovo PC gives you the wide memory of 8 GB RAM, which when combines with the 8th generation Core i3 processor, gives the smoothest operations for all your daily tasks. It is equipped with 256 GB SSD and 256GB HDD, to give the humongous space to store all your favourite apps, games, movies, and all the other things you want.

It also has a DVDRW super multi drive, which lets you run DVDs in it, or you can even write on the DVDs to save your precious data. These Lenovo desktop computers have a number of USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports, which let you connect your devices and transfer data, or manage power at a high speed. Plus, the smart USB protection keeps your data safe. With this Bios-based technology, you can configure your USB ports to respond only to the designated devices, which restricts unknown devices to transfer data from your computer.

Lenovo V530 has a simple black body which makes it more-classy than a British breakfast platter. There are huge and wide vents on each side to dissipate the heat faster and more accurately. It is also equipped with integrated graphics to support your mild gaming and editing tasks.

Lenovo IdeaCentre 510:

Next up on the list is definitely one of the best Lenovo desktops PCs. Lenovo IdeaCentre 510 is powered by 8th generation Core i3 with 3.60GHz processor, to provide you with great power for all your computing needs, and to take your productivity to a whole new level. It has a memory of 8GB RAM which gives you the fast-paced performance you need and deserve.

The storage space of 1TB HDD, gives you the freedom to store anything you like in a carefree manner. You have more than enough space to store all your data, apps, and movies with ease. You can connect wirelessly to the world with its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. This desktop computer lets you connect all your favourite wireless peripherals with it, through Bluetooth. Connect wireless keyboards, mice, or wireless gaming headsets and enjoy the gaming sessions like they were meant to be enjoyed. Plus, connecting to Wi-Fi is not a problem with this majestic desktop computer.

With the solid body and a sophisticated silver colour, this desktop computer sure has some style. The sleek and classy look gives it a decent appearance. This Lenovo PC is perfect for your home and office alike. You can easily perform all your daily tasks on it, and you can also play some of the best mild graphics games.

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Lenovo ThinkCentre M630e:

Last on the list but definitely not the least, is ThinkCentre M630e. This super slim and tiny desktop gives you the power and performance packed inside a compact body. Its size is almost 90 % smaller than a regular desktop. It is also very affordable and not too heavy on your wallet. It is powered by 8th generation Intel Core i3 with a 2.10GHz processor. It is Windows 10 compatible and has an integrated graphics support. These specs work really well, to provide you the performance you need.

This Lenovo desktop PC has a memory of 4 GB RAM and a storage space of 128GB SSD. The memory and storage space of this computer is quite decent, and it keeps you productive while providing adequate speed.

This desktop computer is equipped with USB 3.1 ports for you, to connect all your devices with a great ease. The Smart USB protection keeps your data safe from getting leaked. It can also keep your desktop computer safe, from the unwanted malware getting inside your computer, because only the designated USB devices can connect or transfer data. With HDMI port you can attach your favourite video outputs and enjoy the streams as you please.

Choose the Best Forget the Rest:

These were some of the best Lenovo desktop PCs equipped with Intel Core i3 processors. If you buy one of these desktop computers, then you are guaranteed to get the best power and performance for all your computing needs. If you guys still have not made-up your mind, then what are you waiting for. Go to laptopoutlet.co.uk and get one of these desktop PCs or choose from a wide range of Lenovo PCs.

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