Wellness Programs in School

3 Benefits of Incorporating Wellness Programs in School for Students


With COVID19 taking a huge toll on our daily routine life, the people who are most affected by it since last year are the students. In the most educative and formative years of their lives, these kids are spending most of their alone and coping with the technological glitches and changes. Though they have done really well since last year, they are still finding it hard to find a grip of their little minds with the changing times.

Schools in today’s time are rigorously concerned and aware of the mental well being and growth of children, just like their physical health and well being. They understand and encourage the thought that mental wellness is essential for the overall development and growth of children. Thus, they have introduced wellness programs for students to help them with the struggles and shortcomings in a holistic and natural manner.

The schools are introducing wellness programs with the motto of creating a diverse and inclusive community of learners committed to a challenging and supportive educational experience that will foster the intellectual, moral, emotional, and physical development of each student. Their benefits are:

  • Impacts Academic Performance: Mental health is crucial for students in performing well in life. It definitely affects their academic performances and growth. Thus, even in their early years, schools and parents should pay close attention to the overall wellness and well being of the students. They help in clearing various mental blocks and inhibitions inside a student’s mind, helping them to attain success in life.
  • Improve Students’ Health Outcome: Health issues not only create a poor school experience for the student, but they also keep them away from concentrating and having a fulfilling school life. Thus, these integrated wellness programs by the school help students in maintaining a healthy and nutritious life which results in great academic and co-curricular success at most times.  
  • Reduce High-risk Behaviors: It’s important to teach the child to assess risks. Avoiding high-risk behaviors help prevent illness and injuries, contributing to a student’s physical and mental health. Wellness programs help students take steps to reduce risks, and they feel good about making responsible health decisions, contributing to their mental/physical health.

Lockdown and isolation are taking away the best of people in terms of their memories, experiences, and life. Students are the most affected humans in these unprecedented times and thus, requires special attention and care at all times. Thus, by incorporating wellness programs can help students attain the best of their personalities, even in times of limited resources.

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