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2021 Dish TV DTH Recharge Plans And Price


Launched in the year 2003, Dish TV is a pioneer of DTH administrations. Throughout the long term, Dish TV has gotten an upheaval Indian TV by making it feasible for each client to get to a better quality computerized diversion that, as well, at a moderate cost. Subsequent to administering for the years, it is as yet one of the top DTH suppliers in India. It permits its clients to browse the host of packages and alter the package as indicated by their inclination. So as to give the best of the image quality, it offers SD and HD channels. Additionally, it offers nonstop client care administrations. Clients can choose any of the dish tv hd set-top box and dish tv recharge offers alongside extra advantages.

Single Channel Dish TV Packs 

Dish TV permits it, clients, to redesign their package with F to A channels. This implies you can add any of the Free-to-Air channels recorded underneath your essential package and receive similar rewards.

Dish TV Recharge Plans for HD Channels

Dish TV Channel Name Price/Month (Rs.)
&flix HD 19
&pictures HD 19
&prive HD 19
&TV HD 19
Animal Planet HD 3

Dish TV Recharge Plans for SD Channels

Dish TV Channel Name Price/Month (Rs.)
&Flix 15
&Pictures 6
&TV 12
24 Ghanta TV 0.1
9X Jhakaas 0
9X M 0
9X Tashan 0
A1 TV 0
Aaj Tak 0
Aakash aath 0
Aastha 0
Alankar 4
Animal Planet 2
ABP Ananda 0
ABP Asmita 0
ABP Ganga 0
ABP Majha 0
ABZY Cool 0
ABZY Dhakad 0
Abzy Movies 0

Dish TV has a large group of dish tv recharge plan and offers that one can benefit so as to watch his/her preferred channels at a moderate cost. Underneath we have recorded all the most recent month to month Dish TV packages that are accessible in various dialects, including Hindi and English.

Dish TV Combo Pack Price/Month (Rs.) Number Of Channels
Classic Hindi 145 175
Bharat Combo 161 172
Bharat Cricket Kids Combo 182 187
Swagat HSM 225 203
Hindi Premium 238 206
Super Family HSM 277 221
Maxi Sports HSM 307 236
Super Sports HSM 385 247
Titanium HSM 440 268
Swagat Bangla 218 174
Super Family Odia 292 224
Maxi Sports Marathi 311 210
Garvi Gujarat Pack 285 237
Premiere Kannada 232 206
Premiere Telugu HD 311 207
Classic Tamil HD 285 195
Premiere Malayalam HD 245 200

Dish TV Add-On Packs 

Dish TV subscribers would now be able to decide on their preferred dish tv pack recharge notwithstanding the fundamentals that they have chosen for a month. The extra packs have HD and SD diverts and are accessible in all the dialects like Hindi, English, Marathi, Telugu, and a lot more to name

Dish TV Add-On HD Packs

Dish TV Add-On Packs Price/Month (Rs.) Number Of Channels
Top Scorer HD Nonst2 65 4
Telugu HD ST2 57 1
Malayalam HD ST2 38 1
Infotainment & Lifestyle HD Nonst29 41 9
India Cricket Hindi HD 17 1
India Cricket English HD 19 1
Hindi Entertainment HD Nonst2 133 1
Hindi Cricket HD Add-on Nonst2 36 2
English Entertainment HD Nonst2 55 5
English Cricket HD Addon Nonst2 57 3
Bangla HD Addon Nonst2 71 4
All Kids HD Nonst2 23 3
All Hindi HD Nonst2 197 32

Dish TV Add-On SD Packs

Dish TV Add-On Packs Price/Month (Rs.) Number Of Channels
Up/Uttarakhand SD 0.1 1
Telugu Joy 63 12
Tamil Joy 32.1 6
Swagat North East 82.75 187
Spl. India Cricket Service Hindi Add-on 19 1
South BST Promo 139 0
Rajasthan SD 0.1 1
Punjabi SD 0.2 2
Odia ST2 40.5 8
Odia SD 45.5 9
North East 0.1 1
North BST Promo 0 165
MP/Cg SD 0.2 2
Marathi ST2 45.2 9
Marathi SD 45.2 9
Malayalam Joy 39 29
Maha Manorajan 18.2 13
Kannada Joy 54.1 8
Jumbo Telugu 112.71 24
Jumbo Tamil 82.1 16
Jumbo Malayalam 69.12 12
Jumbo Kannada 101.1 19
Infotainment & Lifestyle NonST2 21 13
India Cricket Hindi 17 1
India Cricket English 15 1
Hindi Movies & News NonST2 64.3 19
Hindi Entertainment NonST2 112 16
Hindi Cricket Add-on NonST2 36 2
Gujarati SD 7.2 5
English Movies & News NonST2 71..5 22
English Entertainment NonST2 33 4
English Cricket NonST2 42 6
Bangla ST2 57.2 9
Bangla SD 57.2 9
All Kids NonST2 27.11 19
All Hindi NonST2 141.83 55

Fundamental Dish TV Packs with Price and Total Channels Offered 

Here is uplifting news for all the Dish TV supporters, they can choose any of the underneath recorded Dish TV packs, liberated from cost. You can get these DTH plans alongside your connection. The package has all the channels – HD and SD direct that too in various dialects like English, Hindi, and so forth.

Basic Service Tier Packs Price/Month (Rs.) Number Of Channels
BST Marathi Movies & News 0 88
BST Marathi Gujarati Add On 0 79
BST Malayalam Add On 0 29
BST Kannada Add On 0 37
BST HSM Music 0 88
BST HSM Movies 0 88
BST HSM Gec 0 92
BST Hindi Add On 0 87
BST Gujarati 0 87
BST English 0 88
BST Devotional 0 91
BST Bangla Odia Add On 0 79
BST Bangla News 0 97
BST Bangla Music 0 85
BST Bangla Gec 0 85
BST HSM News 0 101

Dish TV New Connection Offer and Pack 

Dish TV gives a new connection to a month, a half year, and a year. The cost of the apparent multitude of packages shifts as per the package you have chosen. Each pack joins in excess of 200 channels. The package likewise incorporates HD and SD channels.

Dish NXT HD Offer

DISH NXT HD with HD Pack Month Price (Rs) Number Of Channels
Super Family HD 1 1590 224
Welcome HD 3 1949 205
Welcome HD 6 2649 205

DishNXT SD Offer

Choose your Dish NXT SD offer Month Price (Rs) Number Of Channels
Super Family 1 1490 220


Dish TV was the first of its sort DTH specialist organization. It began in the year 2013. Today it offers a wide range of channels with astounding picture quality alongside extra highlights that incorporate OTT stages and Elexa. This, yet it likewise has a variety of DTH recharge plans at a reasonable cost. You can pick any of the month to month plans and go for an extra to appreciate extra packages or channels.

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