11 Tips to Make Yourself Known as an Artist

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How to make yourself known as an artist and gain notoriety? How to make your work as an artist known? How to work on your image to make yourself known as an artist?

Art should normally be outside any commercial or marketing logic. The fact remains that artists need to share their work in order to be able to make a living from their activity, in a sector that must be qualified as “competitive”.

Making yourself known as an artist cannot be improvised. Talking about oneself and one’s works is not given to everyone and the means of meeting the public are far from obvious.

If you’re an artist and you’re running out of ideas on how to showcase your talent, read our 11 tips below.

How to make yourself known as an artist? 11 tips.

To make yourself known as an artist and stand out, it will first be necessary to communicate around you and your artistic identity.

1) Define your artistic identity.

Only artists who develop a true artistic identity manage to make a living from their activity. An artistic identity is something that can be defined in simple words that are easy to remember and understand. It is the common thread of your work.

Work on your differentiation, that talent or that little extra that makes you unique. Practice defining your art and describing your concept, even if it changes over time.

2) Decline your visual identity on all your communication media.

To make yourself known as an artist, the public will have to “recognize” you.

Create a logo, deploy your artistic “paw” on your printed materials. Invent your own typography and develop your communication in the continuity and consistency of your artistic approach.

3) Make an artistic file.

Creating an artistic file or “artistic book” and presenting it to the right people could increase the opportunities to make yourself known. The file will of course have to be adapted according to your objectives. It can be done to present your works or an upcoming project.

In the latter case, it must contain, among other things:

  • a catchphrase,
  • a note of artistic intention,
  • technical information about your artistic project,
  • the budget,
  • a presentation of the artistic team,
  • your strategic choices,
  • your positioning,
  • the originality of the concept, the show, or the work …

4) Display your creations in the right places.

Depending on whether you choose to exhibit in a gallery, a café, a decoration store, a hotel lobby, an alternative place or a municipal museum, the visibility will not always be the same and the returns in terms of sales either. .

It is important to clearly define your objectives and to think about the most suitable places to exhibit. Then send your artistic file to the managers of these places and do not hesitate to relaunch them.

5) Know how to talk about yourself and your accomplishments.

Your best asset to market yourself is yourself!

Use your enthusiasm, your passion and your creativity to generate interest in your art, as you meet. Put yourself within the reach of your interlocutors, value them and pass on some of your secrets to them. It is by bringing them into your universe that they will become your customers and perhaps even “your ambassadors”.

6) Enter contests.

Some artistic competitions will give you the opportunity to gain visibility with an audience of informed professionals: enough to gain valuable contacts and, why not, get your career off the ground.

7) Contact influencers or journalists.

Feel free to design press releases based on your events and distribute them to print journalists.

Also take the opportunity to reach influencers on social networks. These could very quickly become an essential part of your communication strategy.

8) Call in an artistic agent.

The artistic agent or impresario is paid on a percentage basis. Its interest is therefore directly linked to yours.

With experience in the cultural sector and a substantial relationship book, it can be very interesting to call on this type of professional.

What solutions to make yourself known on the internet?

Digital tools have become major vectors of visibility for artists. Here are 3 solutions to take advantage of it.

9) Integrate a virtual artistic platform.

Painting, music or even photography: many artistic platforms have developed on the internet. Find the one that suits you best.

10) Design a quality website.

Your job is to be creative: it will be important to bring out your originality through an attractive and complete website.

If you don’t know anything about web design, call on professional logo designers who will faithfully translate the spirit of your work. 

11) Develop your presence on social networks.

Pick the social network (s) that best suit your audience and that you feel comfortable with. opt for example for Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest or Instagram to distribute your creations, including internationally. Here is an example.

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